DuraFlex Edge

DURAFLEX® EDGE. our strongest most open metal belt, designed with a new clinched edge
DURAFLEX® Edge: Patent pending ‘EDGE’ technology for ultimate strength and durability.

Cambridge Engineered Solutions introduces the next generation of our strongest most open metal belt, designed with a new and improved clinched edge.

Stronger and more advanced than its predecessor, patent pending DURAFLEX® EDGE is set to help reduce your downtime and improve your bottom line.

  • DURAFLEX® Edge is the evolution of our traditional DURAFLEX® belt and remains the most open metal belt available on the market. The new DURAFLEX® Edge belting combines all of the benefits of our current DURAFLEX® belt, but is designed with a new clinched style EDGE that wraps to create the strongest edge in the product line.
  • Reduces edge breakage and damage nearly eliminates all potential for metal hits and product contamination. Bends with a true hinge in both directions, eliminating friction and metal fatigue and ensuring proper tracking.
  • Easy 30-second splicing reduces maintenance and replacements to minimize down time..
  • Excellent durability ensures longer belt life. Independent testing proves DURAFLEX® EDGE withstands up to 39 times more duty cycles than other flex-style belting.
  • Remains easy to clean with increased carrying capacity and tighter transfer capability.
  • Applications: DURAFLEX® EDGE is ideal for the poultry processing industry, but is also excellent for most food processing systems.

DURAFLEX® EDGE Technical Specifications

  Inches Metric
Belt Width (Range) 4” to 72” (expect to increase max width to 144”) 101.6 to 1828.8 mm
Belt Pitch 1/2” 12.7 mm
Flat Strip .035” x .162” .9 x 4.1 mm
Rod Diameter .050” 1.3 mm
Materials 1/2 Hard Stainless Steel (Strip)¾ Hard Stainless Steel (Rod)

DURAFLEX® EDGE Representative Weights

Belt Width Weight
Inches MM Lbs./ Linear Feet KG/ Linear Meter
24” 610 mm 1.59 2.36
30” 762 mm 1.97 2.93
36” 914 mm 2.35 3.50
42” 1067 mm 2.73 4.06
48” 1219 mm 3.11 4.63
Weights are based on 1/2” pitch with sprocket lanes on nominal 6” centers

DURAFLEX® EDGE Sprocket Information

1/2” Pitch
Outside Diameter (OD) # of Teeth Max Bore (with Keyway)
1.54” 39.1 mm 9 5/8” 15.9 mm
2.19” 55.6 mm 13 1-1/8” 28.6 mm
2.51” 63.8 mm 15 1-3/8” 34.9 mm
3.16” 80.3 mm 19 1-3/4” 44.5 mm
4.12” 104.6 mm 25 2-1/2” 63.5 mm
Materials: Stainless Steel or Acetal


DURAFLEX® EDGE is the cutting edge for all flex style belts. There is no comparison!