Straight Line Friction Drive Belts

Cambridge balanced weave belts are the heart and soul of many bakeries and high temperature operations. Our straight-line belts are the optimal choice for friction driven conveyors. With alternating right and left spiral construction and many customizable options, these belts deliver better stability, heavier loads and increased surface area.

  • Balanced Flat Seat

    Balanced Flat Seat

  • Balanced Weave

    Balanced Weave

  • Compound Balanced

    Compound Balanced

  • DiaCrimp


  • Furnace Balanced Flat Seat®

    Furnace Balanced Flat Seat®

  • Knuckleback


  • Knuckleback Platinum

    Knuckleback Platinum

  • Oven Balanced Flat Seat®

    Oven Balanced Flat Seat®