Why Metal Matters


Three of the many advantages metal conveyor belts offer food processors over plastic belts. From a true sanitary design and durability to the peace of mind from knowing metal will never catch on fire, our stainless steel belts offer premium advantages at a better overall value. Whether cleaning poultry, cooling baked goods, or preparing ready to serve meals, the health, safety and cost benefits of metal conveyor belts are incomparable. To find out more, contact us at 800-638-9560 or sales@cambridge-es.com.


Metal's Mettle

Replace your modular plastic belting with Precision, DuraFlex Edge or CamEdge and discover immediately why metal matters in food processing. Look at the facts – read what insurance and industry experts say – and call us to make the switch. Metal’s mettle beats plastic’s problems in every way but one: We can’t offer you cool colors.
Whether you’re in engineering, maintenance, production, or quality assurance, learn the benefits of metal’s character – and characteristics – and what the plastic belt makers don’t want you to know. Call for a consultation with a member of our customer service team. Strong. Sanitary. Sustainable.

Metal Advantages

  • True Sanitary Design: Protects against bacteria
  • Environmentally Sustainable: Saves water after sanitation and fully recyclable
  • Safer: Poses no fire hazard
  • Durable: Stands up to time and abrasive environments
  • Wider Temperature Range: Functions in high and low temperatures
  • Quicker & Easier Sanitation Protocol: No need to remove belts from equipment
  • Lower Rugosity: Makes surfaces easier to clean
  • Eliminates potential of pathogens from remaining in belt after sanitation protocols

Plastic Problems

  • Fire Hazard
  • Low temperature ceiling
  • Absorbs food product and chemicals
  • Time consuming to sanitize
  • Breaks down and not detectable when falling into product
  • Loses flexibility
  • More susceptible to biofilm and bacteria growth
  • Thermal contraction and expansion



Metal Solutions

Despite the enormous advantages of metal over plastic conveyor belting - including cost, many companies are reluctant to make the switch in straight line and spiral conveyors, misled by the propaganda and disinformation spread by select manufacturers. If sanitation, sustainability, cost savings weren't compelling enough, check out what this respected insurer had to say in a special risk management guide devoted to spiral coolers.