System Design & Engineering Services

Our team of experienced engineers can assist with site evaluation and can study both the required performance criteria and the environment in which the water screen system will operate. We can also reverse engineer and replace damaged water screen systems.

Our detailed process insures that we deliver the right system design for the project that is efficient, cost effective and is built to last. Each completed design is certified by a Professional Engineer.

The PE Certification “Stamp” is based on calculations that show the system will withstand the forces due to the given flow rate, the dimensions of the water intake opening, and screen clogging percentage. We design our screens per ASD (Allowable Stress Design) specifications to verify that the screens and frames can withstand the loading from the water.


Cambridge Water Screen Systems Product Development Process

Cambridge Water Screen Systems Product Development Process


We utilize the Value Analysis/Value Engineering (VA/VE) methodology to insure we creatively generate the best solutions for the greatest value for our customers.

Ask us about Impingement and Entrainment compliance associated with the EPA Clean Water Act, Section 316(b).

System Analysis

  • Project Specifications.
  • Required Flow Rates.
  • Water Source (natural vs. manmade).
  • Water Composition (fresh, salt, additives).
  • Debris (size, type, volume).
  • Environmental Considerations.
  • Facility Considerations.
  • Budget (capital vs. maintenance).

System Design

  • Water Screen Type (Traveling or Stationary).
  • Mesh Type.
  • Drive Type.
  • Fabrication Material.
  • Size, Layout & Orientation.
  • Reaction Load to Structure.
  • Cost.
  • Delivery Timeline.




(The next three pictures show stress calculations our Engineers use when designing the water screens)



Our experience covers a wide range of environments and industries:

  • Protecting pumps and downstream systems.
  • Heat reduction systems (cooling towers).
  • Water used in processing.
  • Preventing invasive fish eggs from entering hatcheries.
  • Chemical and other manufacturing plants.
  • Power plants.
  • Municipal & Agricultural projects.


Cambridge provides custom engineered solutions and manufacturing of new and replacement Traveling and Static Water Screen Systems.


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