System Design & Engineering Services

Our team of experienced engineers will meet with you to evaluate the site, and study both the required performance criteria and the environment in which the system will operate.

Our detailed process insures that we deliver the right system design for the project that is efficient, cost effective and is built to last. Each completed design is certified by a Professional Engineer.

We utilize the Value Analysis/Value Engineering (VA/VE) methodology to insure we creatively generate the best solutions for the greatest value for our customers.

Ask us about Impingement and Entrainment compliance associated with the EPA Clean Water Act, Section 316(b).


System Analysis

  • Project Specifications
  • Required Flow Rates
  • Water Source (natural vs. manmade)
  • Water Composition (fresh, salt, additives)
  • Debris (size, type, volume)
  • Environmental Considerations
  • Facility Considerations
  • Budget (capital vs. maintenance)

System Design

  • Water Screen Type (Traveling, Static or Hybrid)
  • Mesh Type
  • Drive Type
  • Fabrication Material
  • Size, Layout & Orientation
  • Reaction Load to Structure
  • Cost
  • Delivery Timeline


For 100+ years Cambridge has been the global leader of conveying and static mesh systems. Our roots in Water Screen Systems date back over 80 years.


if you have questions about pricing
and/or design assistance.