Static or Stationary Water Screens

A static or stationary water screen is a framed mesh panel that typically comes with a structural frame, catch basin, lifting mechanism and guide channels. The debris collects against the screen, and is washed off when the screen is removed for cleaning.

These systems have a lower up front cost, and are typically used for smaller volumes of debris.

We also offer a Hybrid Traveling Water Screen that rotates with an electric drill.

Our experience covers a wide range of environments and industries:

  • Protecting pumps and downstream systems
  • Heat reduction systems (cooling towers)
  • Water used in processing
  • Preventing invasive fish eggs from entering hatcheries
  • Chemical and other manufacturing plants
  • Power plants
  • Municipal & Agricultural projects

Cambridge provides custom engineered solutions and manufacturing of new and replacement Traveling and Static Water Screen Systems. 

For 100+ years Cambridge has been the global leader of conveying and static mesh systems. Our roots in Water Screen Systems date back over 80 years.


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