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For 100 years, diverse industries have turned to Cambridge for manufacturing innovations. We combine experience, ingenuity, and quality craftsmanship to maximize production and minimize costs. Our team of engineers and market specialists excel at creating custom solutions for difficult or demanding processes.

  • Testimonial

    "I showed Cambridge a belt that lasted only three months. They guaranteed to provide a better solution and deliver longer belt life. I’ve had several different belts in our furnace and Cambridge’s outlasted them all. We'll continue to use Cambridge belting."
    Tom Parrish, Manufacturing Manager
    Metaldyne Sintered Components

  • Save Money

    When a can manufacturer had to frequently halt their production line to remove stretch from a can washing conveyor belt, it cost them time and money. Cambridge saved the company over $25,000 annually by replacing their old flatwire style belt with the stronger, longer lasting PacTitan.

  • Reduce Maintenance

    A powdered metal parts manufacturer increased belt life on their sintering furnaces 300% by switching to Knuckleback. By reducing camber and excessive stretch, the belts were replaced once every four months instead of every four weeks, saving our customer $30,000 per year on each furnace.

  • Improve Production

    With their seamless welded edges, Cambridge’s Continuweld® Filters improved a winemaker’s production capacity by greatly reducing downtime for maintenance and repairs. Our .177" wire mesh eliminated warping due to core cloth rigidity and damage from loose rivet vibration.

  • Maximize Throughput

    Precision belting significantly improved a tortilla manufacturer’s throughput by eliminating product loss. This patented, premiere metal belt provides for very precise, tight transfer points and significantly reduced product loss during conveyance.

  • Increase Belt Life

    An auto parts manufacturer switched to Cambridge’s Chain Drive and doubled belt life on their heater cooling tunnels. By switching to a balanced flat seat mesh, we eliminated the chain distortion problem that caused their old belt to “teepee” due to insufficient support.

  • Improve Food Hygiene

    A large poultry processor looking to reduce product build-up on their breader line found the perfect solution in DuraFlex Edge. USDA certified, this premiere positive drive belt has a patented self-cleaning design that pushes food residue as the belt turns, reducing contamination, buildup and metal fatigue.

  • Optimize Space

    A bakery with limited space wanted to expand production within their existing facility. CamEDGE proved the optimal spiral system solution with its customizable, cage-less design. Configured around spatial restraints like columns, CamEDGE optimized the bakery’s manufacturing footprint.

  • Testimonial

    "My needs range from simple carbon steel, balanced weave belts to complex stainless steel, chain edged, side flight belts in varying lengths, widths and weaves. I have always been able to count on the folks at Cambridge to know their products and capabilities."
    Tommie Johnson, Maintenance Planner
    Frito Lay