Heavy Duty Tight Radius Cam-Grid®

Turn & Spiral BeltsHeavy Duty Tight Radius Cam-Grid®

Heavy Duty Tight Radius Cam-Grid®

Maximum throughput with minimal footprint

  • Highest strength to belt weight ratio for tight radius belts
  • Mesh overlay and rod only design
  • Chills and freezes food faster


  • Tight .095 turning radius and 250lb (113.4 kg) tangential tension rating allows bakeries, dairy and food processors to increase product carried
  • Proven Cam-Grid technology
  • Specially designed to increase product throughput and maximize floor space

Tech Specs

  • Widths up to 54” (1370mm)
  • Speeds up to 150fpm (46mpm)
  • Turn ratio: 0.95 – 1.7 x belt width
  • Tension ratings: Up to 250lbs (113.4kg)
  • Materials: T316SS, T304SS
  • Belt Pitch: 1” (25.4 mm)


Heavy Duty Tight Radius Cam-Grid allows maximum product throughput within a minimal footprint and provides the tightest turn radius in a grid style belt. The belt has a tight 0.95 turning radius and a 250 lb tangential tension rating, allowing bakeries, dairy producers, and other food processors to increase the amount of product carried through spiral systems.

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