DuraLite® - New Features

Turn & Spiral BeltsDuraLite® - New Features

Variable Duralite®

Most highly customizable metal belt available on the market today

  • 1st Link-style belt to offer customer-defined opening sizes
  • Achieve optimal support, air flow, and highest strength to weight ratio


  • Unique variable mesh allows belt customization
  • Open area and stainless construction increase food safety
  • Less metal equals greater energy efficiency, less wear and waste 

Tech Specs

  • Widths up to 60” (1520mm)
  • Speeds up to 130fpm (40mpm)
  • Belt pitch: 1.3" (33mm)
  • Turn ratio: 1.15 – 2.8 x belt width
  • Tension rating: Up to 400lbs (181kg)
  • Materials: T316LSS, WRSS, T304SS


Engineering advances pioneered by Cambridge have made DuraLite® variable belts the gold-standard for customers who want to define and adapt their spiral cage applications for specific products. The variability allows you to configure the belt to increase balance, improve air flow and chill or freeze foods faster. By eliminating excess metal, DuraLite® reduces energy costs and time during cooling processes. No other spiral cage belt achieves a higher strength-to-weight ratio or similar energy efficiency. Designed and proven on spiral cage applications to proof, cool and freeze baked goods such as bagels, breads and pizza shells and packaged foods, including ice cream and frozen entrees.

DuraLite's® stainless steel construction makes it the food industry’s best choice for safety and protection. With turn ratios ranging from 1.15 to 2.8, it has the widest possible array for any one belt construction allowing it to work for all spiral cage applications.


Scooping up business!
An ice cream manufacturer watched profits melt away when its spiral freezer belt couldn't keep up with business Looking for a way to churn out more scoops, they turned to Cambridge. We installed DuraLite® and froze out the competition with a durable, long lasting belt. Now everyone's chilling!

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