Turn & Spiral BeltsCamEDGE MORE


The most universal, EDGE drive spiral system belt

  • Mesh overlay cageless spiral system conveyor belt
  • Low tension
  • Positively driven on the edge


  • Cageless design decreases footprint for MFO optimization
  • Edge design prevents failure from belt flipping
  • Four custom configurations
  • Mesh overlay allows for greater product carrying capabilities, virtually eliminates product marking, & improves sanitation without belt degradation
  • Improved flexibility reduces costs, placement limitations, maintenance and installation time

Tech Specs

  • Widths up to 48” (1219.2mm) excluding drive link extensions
  • Speeds up to 100fpm (30.5mpm)
  • Turn Ratio: 1.6 x belt width
  • Mesh overlay up to 52 count
  • Belt pitch equal to 1.33"
  • Materials: T316LSS, WRSS, T304SS
  • Belt Drive Link Construction: Asymmetrical and symmetrical configurations


CamEDGE MORE metal conveyor belts are the most advanced spiral conveyor system technology in the market. Their positive EDGE drive and cageless design eliminates risk of catastrophic failure common in traditional systems, such as belt flipping. They've proven exceptional in food processing applications throughout the world. With a positive conveyor sprocket drive, CamEDGE MORE belts provide a smooth, continual product flow and are gentle with fragile or delicate products. They save money by protecting product quality, increasing throughput, decreasing footprint and reducing waste. CamEDGE MORE can be manufactured in custom configurations including round, oval, In-Low/Out-Low and In-High/Out-High versatility and with variable openings to accommodate any of your product needs. Contact us for special construction features and accessories like lane dividers and edge guards. 


A poultry processing plant needed to replace their existing plastic belting with a metal alternative that would give better product support and longer life through rigorous sanitation.  CamEDGE MORE proved the perfect spiral system to address the customer's concern.  The stainless steel belting and mesh overlay option met the facility's safety initiative along with providing better product carrying capacity and support.

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