Straight Line PositivePacTitan


The only flatwire belt with customized openings

  • Lasts up to 30% longer than traditional flat wire
  • Custom belt openings
  • NokLok picket technology


  • Standard and heavy duty available
  • Less stretch and distortion
  • Excellent strength-to-weight ratio
  • Dedicated sprocket openings reduce picket distortion
  • Variable number of sprocket openings across width

Tech Specs

  • Widths up to 256” (6500mm)
  • Speeds up to 250fpm (76mpm)
  • Temperatures up to 1000°F (538°C)
  • Materials: T316LSS, WRSS, T304SS, HCS, Galv


With similar construction to PacTite, PacTitan is more versatile flatwire belting and customizable for specific products. Our improved method of flat wire belt construction makes it possible to vary the width of the lateral belt openings, allowing us to match your specific product needs. The belt’s construction offers superior wear life and reduced picket distortion, especially under load.


Something Fishy Afloat.

We thought there was something fishy about a seafood processor having to continually shut down their line to repair stretched belting and clean product build-up. With fresh eyes and a fresh approach, Cambridge installed our patented PacTitan belt. With its self-cleaning sprockets and clinched edge, we got this plant swimming again.

How-To Video