Knuckleback Platinum

Straight Line FrictionKnuckleback Platinum

Knuckleback™ Platinum

All the benefits of Knuckleback™ with upgraded features

  • Superior results extending belt life
  • Significantly reduces downtime
  • Delivers outstanding cost savings


  • Minimizes carbon diffusion
  • Extends belt life by strengthening and lengthening connection between belt’s spirals and rods
  • Reduce stretching and slag build-up in high temp manufacturing
  • Uniform surface helps remove excess deposits and slag build-up

Tech Specs

  • Widths up to 200" (5080mm)
  • Temperatures up to 2150°F (1176°C)
  • Materials: T304SS, T316LSS, T314SS, 3519CB, 8020CB, Inconel 601, 7030


At high temperature applications over 1,700 degrees, extreme heat causes metal belts to stretch, requiring repairs that halt production. Knuckleback™ Platinum has an upgraded feature that adds an exclusive treatment process to reduce carbon diffusion and extend belt life an additional 25%.  Designed by a team of engineers and high temperature market specialists to reduce high maintenance costs and downtime for a powdered metal plant, Knuckleback™ has proven to be a revolutionary belt for metal manufacturers. The belt’s name derives from the reinforced, reversed weld of the joint (knuckle) between the rod with each flat spiral wire end (back) to the preceding joint. The weld is designed to move the tension away from the weld point by knuckling the spiral wire prior to welding and allowing it to withstand wear longer. As stainless steel conveyor belts naturally stretch in high temperature operations, Knuckleback’s™ flat surface and extended, stronger spiral are significant advantages.

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