Straight Line FrictionDiaCrimp


Least vibration of any belt on the market

  • Increased carrying surface
  • Best belt stability
  • Truer tracking


  • 25% More carrying surface
  • Superior belt stability
  • 70% Less belt elongation

Tech Specs

  • Widths up to 220” (5590mm)
  • Speeds up to 1,200fpm (366mpm)
  • Temperatures up to 2,150°F (1176°C)
  • Materials: T316LSS, T304SS, T430, HCS, Galv.


DiaCrimp® construction makes this the nearest thing to a universal belt. With its flat, thin spirals that deliver 25% more carrying surface than other flattened wire belts, DiaCrimp is ideal for virtually any loose or containerized product in applications such as ceramic coating, glass annealing, fiberglass curing and baking. Available in a variety of metals, these belts can handle on-belt processing of light and heavy loads, wet or dry, caustic or acid, from -100°F to +2,150°F.

A glass manufacturer ahieved 40% longer belt life with DiaCrimp's sturdier belt construction by upgrading to our belt constructed with T430 stainless steel. The company
had previously used a product made with a material containing 3% chrome, which made it susceptible to corrosion from chlorine and sulfur used in the manufacturing process.
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