Balanced Flat Seat

Straight Line FrictionBalanced Flat Seat

Flat Seat®

Patented design guarantees truest tracking belt

  • Less stretch and camber
  • Variety of exotic stainless alloys
  • Increased product support


  • Eliminates belt stretch and camber with no surplus wire
  • Precision engineered for uniform surface
  • Less product marking
  • Smoother, flatter surface
  • Precisely matched hinges prevent wear and increase belt life

Tech Specs

  • Widths up to 220” (5588mm)
  • Speeds up to 1200fpm (365.8mpm)
  • Temperatures up to 2150°F (1177°C)
  • Materials: T316L, T304SS, HCS



Initial belt stretch and camber (distortion) are virtually eliminated because the Flat Seat® spiral has no surplus wire to distort or elongate. Before every Flat Seat is formed, its round wire is flattened in a rolling mill into a flat, oval spiral. Computerized machines guarantee that each spiral is formed with a precise flatness that is uniformly parallel. The design of a spiral’s hinge area is also critical to a belt’s life. Flat Seat’s hinge is designed with a flat, broad contact area. Each spiral hinge is accurately matched and precisely seated to its cross rod to prevent continuous rubbing of metal to metal.

How-To Video