Knuckleback™ stainless steel belt increases productivity for powdered metal parts industry

Cambridge, MD (June 5, 2014) -- Cambridge Engineered Solutions, the world’s largest manufacturer of metal conveyor belts, today announced the availability of “Knuckleback™, its newest, high-temperature stainless steel belt. Designed with a unique weld to reduce stretching and slag build-up during high temperature manufacturing, Knuckleback™ has demonstrated superior results in beta testing including significant reductions in repairs and increased productivity.

“Cambridge has engineered metal conveyor belts for high temperature applications like sintering for 50 years,” said Tracy Tyler, President and CEO. “We originally developed Knuckleback™ to provide a powdered metal manufacturer with a solution for its high maintenance costs and excess downtime.”

After testing, customizing and installing Knuckleback™ conveyor belts at a dozen different plants in 2013, productivity results were so strong Cambridge decided to add the specialty belt to its product portfolio for metal manufacturers, fabricators and machinists.

At high temperature applications over 1,700 degrees, extreme heat causes metal belts to stretch, requiring repairs that halt production. Knuckleback™ extends the belt life by strengthening and lengthening the connection between the belt’s spirals and rods.

Designed by a team of engineers and high temperature market specialists, the Knuckleback™ belt increases productivity and decreases maintenance costs for stretch removal and repair.

The belt’s name derives from the reinforced, reversed weld of the joint (knuckle) between the rod with each flat spiral wire end (back) to the preceding joint. The weld is designed to move the tension away from the weld point by knuckling the spiral wire prior to welding and allowing it to withstand wear longer. As stainless steel conveyor belts naturally stretch in high temperature operations, Knuckleback’s™ flat surface and extended, stronger spiral are significant advantages.

According to Cory Bloodsworth, a member of the Cambridge design team and Director of Business & Market Development, “When it comes to sintering -- which is the hottest manufacturing process used to make parts for the automotive and electronics industries -- our flattened spirals create a more uniform contact surface which helps remove excess carbon deposits and slag build-up.”

“Cambridge’s sales and engineering teams are always looking for ways to continuously innovate and improve production,” said Tyler. “Knuckleback’s reinforced, reverse weld was designed to solve one customer’s problem but has proven very successful by increasing overall belt life and reducing total cost of ownership for metal fabricators.”

For information about Knuckleback™ or Cambridge’s extensive line of metal conveyor belts, contact customer service at 877-649-7492.


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