Guarantees Shipment Dates of Glass Industry Conveyor Belts

(Cambridge, MD) June 30, 2014 – Cambridge Engineered Solutions (Cambridge), the world’s largest manufacturer of metal conveyor belts for industrial and food processing, today announced its “No Broken Glass: No Broken Promises” campaign. Targeting the glass manufacturing industry that traditionally halts production globally twice a year to replace worn conveyor belts used in lehr chambers, Cambridge guarantees to ship metal mats (belts) when promised or provide the product for free. No Broken Glass/Promises runs from July 1 through December 31, 2014.

“We learned that many glass manufacturers who look to replace lehr conveyor belts twice a year often can’t get the belt they need when they need it,” said Tracy Tyler, Cambridge President and CEO. “We are confident that our global service network and deep experience making specialty conveyor belts for glass annealing ensures we can deliver on our guarantee to ship when we promise or it’s free. Faster shipping times lead to higher productivity.”

The No Broken Glass campaign was created after Ardagh Glass (Irvine, UK), a leading manufacturer of containers for the beverage industry, learned that Cambridge could deliver replacement conveyor belts faster than their local supplier. Cambridge’s ability to replace Ardagh’s mats more quickly than their previous vendor demonstrated the value of faster delivery times, reduced glass breakage and plant productivity.

“With more than 20 years of proven success, DiaCrimp® is the preferred belt of annealing systems. Because of its ability to prevent lateral shifting and belt vibrations,” said Melissa Lewis, International Business Development Sales Manager. “DiaCrimp® significantly reduces product breakage and down time.”

Cambridge is harnessing its growing global network to guarantee fastest international shipping times. The company has three manufacturing facilities and a network of agents in more than 30 countries spanning Latin America, Asia, Europe and the Mid-East, including some with warehouses and product in China and Southeast Asia.

According to Nicole Evans, Global Brand Manager, Cambridge’s “guaranteed or it’s free” campaign demonstrates the company’s commitment to customer productivity. “In solving one customer’s request for faster shipping, we learned this was a problem faced by manufacturers the world over and mobilized our team to address that need during seasonal belt replacement.”

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Editor’s Note: In glass manufacturing, the annealing process – critical to producing a durable product – is conducted in temperature-controlled kilns known as lehr chambers. Designed to slowly cool the glass and reduce the thermal stresses caused by cooling, conveyors with flat mesh belts transport the product from kilns in temperature ranges of 1900 to 500 degrees.



Cambridge Engineered Solutions Gives Guarantee on Lehr Belts