Cambridge Introduces Metric-Sized Conveyor Belt

Cambridge introduces metric-sized conveyor belt for bakery spiral cage systems and other low tension food processing applications. Cam-Grid® GP is a stronger, cost-effective solution for international markets and domestic customers.
Cambridge Engineered Solutions, the world’s largest manufacturer of metal conveyor belts, has unveiled Cam-Grid®GP, a new metric-sized product for use on spiral cage systems and other low-tension food processing applications. Cam-Grid GP is designed for OEMs and end-users in international and domestic markets with spiral cage systems used for proofing, cooling and freezing processes in bakeries as well as conveyors that move meat, poultry and prepared foods within processing plants
With a 35 mm pitch and 90.7 kg tension rating, Cam-Grid GP is stronger than Cambridge’s Cam-Grid® belt and equal in strength to standard duty Cam-Grid® Xtra.
“We wanted to design a true metric-sized belt that is a sturdier, cost-effective solution for bakeries and processors overseas and within the United States,” said Mike Truitt, Cambridge’s International Sales Director. “As a result, we can offer Cam-Grid GP at a competitive price, and the customer is able to reduce energy costs due to the greater load capacity in smaller systems."
Cam-Grid GP’s extended pitch provides excellent strength-to-weight ratio. It allows product loading from link to link and is fully collapsible for easy cleaning. A sample of Cam-Grid GP will be on display at Cambridge Engineered Solutions’ exhibit at the International Baking Industry Exhibition (IBIE 2016), Exhibit Hall C-5.1, booth #9934

-  Belt Pitch: 35mm 
-  Turn Ratio: 1.6x to 2.2x belt width 
-  Tension rating: 90.7 kg 
-  Widths up to 1,219 mm 
-  Speeds up to 24mpm 
-  6 Gauge Rods: 4.87 mm 
-  Reverse welds 
-  18-54 count mesh 
-  Mesh overlay available in 16, 17 or 18 gauge 
-  Material: T304 Stainless Steel


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