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Cambridge, Md., July 23, 2014 – Based on initial customer demand in the first half of 2014, Cambridge Engineered Solutions (CES), a division of Cambridge International, has expanded the maximum width of its new DURAFLEX® EDGE open metal conveyor belt from 60 to 156 inches allowing it to meet higher production rates and giving OEMs wider options for meat industry customers.  Initial use and testing has also found that the belts can make slight turns and can be fit for Y conveyors often used in the meat and poultry industry.

Applications for DURAFLEX® EDGE are pending for testing and certification under the USDA Mechanical Belt Conveyors Used in Meat and Poultry Processing category.

According to head engineer and project designer Skip Messick, “When tested against a competitor’s flex-style belt, DURAFLEX® EDGE lasted up to 39 times longer without distortion or breakage, making it perfect for a wide variety of food processing applications.”

DURAFLEX® EDGE is ideal for use in the meat and poultry processing industry, especially for breading and frying stages. The patent-pending ‘EDGE’ technology bends with a true hinge in both directions, eliminating friction and metal fatigue and ensuring proper tracking. DURAFLEX® EDGE is self-cleaning, pushing food product residue out as the belt turns on the conveyor. As a result, production does not stop for product contamination or cleaning of the belt.

“We worked closely with our customers to improve upon the popular DURAFLEX® belt,” said Nicole Evans, Brand Manager, adding “this new technology eliminates production problems by increasing belt life, decreasing downtime and improving manufacturing operations.”

DURAFLEX® EDGE leverages the beneficial characteristics of its predecessor, including an easy 30-second splicing time to reduce maintenance, and increases carrying capacity with tighter transfer capability. It is the most open metal belt available that does not compromise belt strength and handles heavier loads than typical light-duty conveyor belts.

“Cambridge has been a world leader in the metal wire industry for over 100 years because we are constantly working to improve products and processes for our customers,” said Tracy Tyler, CEO.  “DURAFLEX® EDGE demonstrates our team’s commitment to engineering solutions that not only ‘solve problems,’ but help our customers take their operations to the next level.”

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Duraflex Edge Metal Conveyor Belt is Now Wider