Challenging Expectations

Conveyor belts producers approached for this article agree that the market will continue to demand belt solutions which are wider, faster, stronger and easy to clean or drain. These are trends which will persist over this market segment and which stimulate manufacturers to come up with new research and development projects that create innovative, state-of-the-art equipment to meet such demands. Listening to the challenges and issues faced by the consumer and using their knowledge of the market and of the products helps drive R&D efforts in order to produce customized solutions for individual needs, on the one hand, as well as applications which can be introduced to the entire industry.
“We are working with producers to evaluate their overall cost or Total Cost of Ownership (TOC), which includes belt maintenance and cleaning, repair and replacement. As a result, they are buying higher quality belts that result in less down time. We are also working with more and more OEMS in Europe to evaluate Manufacturing Footprint Optimization (MFO) and design and launch conveyor systems that require less space. In particular, cageless spiral systems most often used for cooling and freezing processes. This is where our CamEdge belt can work effectively, particularly with small bakery operations that are looking to automate,” says Mike Truitt, International Sales Director, Cambridge Engineered Solutions.