Hybrid Traveling Water Screens

Hybrid Traveling Water Screens use a special drive system to rotate the belt with an electric drill vs. an electric motor or a hand crank.

The belt lifts the debris from the water, and the internal self-cleaning sprays nozzles clean the debris into a collection trough or a conveyor.  

This is a great replacement system for old static water screens (cooling tower rebuild). We can drop-in and replace using the same guide channels.


  • Significantly reduce required maintenance resources compared to a static screen system
  • Clean the screen with one person and a drill vs. a crew and a crane
  • Fast and simple cleaning during times of greater debris in the basin (i.e. seasonal leaves or cottonwood fuzz, excess debris from an aging cooling tower, etc.)
  • System also available with an electric motor that is activated manually or with a timer and/or DP sensor

Traveling or Static Water Screens are also referred to as cooling tower screens, fish escapement, exclusion, intake, pump, trash, or bar screens.

Our experience covers a wide range of environments and industries:

  • Protecting pumps and downstream systems
  • Heat reduction systems (cooling towers)
  • Water used in processing
  • Preventing invasive fish eggs from entering hatcheries
  • Chemical and other manufacturing plants
  • Power plants
  • Municipal & Agricultural projects

Cambridge provides custom engineered solutions and manufacturing of new and replacement Traveling and Static Water Screen Systems.

For 100+ years Cambridge has been the global leader of conveying and static mesh systems. Our roots in Water Screen Systems date back over 80 years.


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