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Why Cambridge is Casting Our Net at VIETFISH

Why Cambridge is Casting Our Net at VIETFISH

By Dion Banks, Sales Director

In August 2015, I packed my bags for the 21-hour flight across 11 time zones to meet colleagues and customers in Vietnam for VIETFISH. One of the world’s largest gatherings of seafood processing professionals in Southeast Asia, the event attracts 30,000 processors, packagers and purveyors for commercial and consumer markets in the region – and around the world.

In two weeks I’ll reunite with my colleagues Colin Davies and Hieu Kong of CVS Group and Southern Star Service respectively, to again present Cambridge’s capabilities at VIETFISH 2016. For many years, we have proudly worked with these distributors to showcase our processing solutions for Asia’s seafood industry.

In country representatives like CVS and Southern Star are critical to understanding the needs, challenges and expectations of customers from Argentina to Zimbabwe. Our participation allows us to focus on Cambridge’s unique capabilities and competences to help the industry adapt to production, food safety and economic challenges.

Events like VIETFISH are more than good business – they’re good for our industry – and for the millions of people who enjoy the delicious and healthy dishes our customers produce. They also underscore the critical role our regional partners, distributors and equipment manufacturers play in this process. Beyond new business leads, we demonstrate our commitment to a collaborative and sustainable culture.

I am humbled to return to Ho Chi Minh City for Vietnam Fisheries International Exhibition 2016. I hope to meet your in Booth 506 or greet you at our presentation “Cambridge Metal Belts for Seafood Processing" on August 5 in Room 2B at the Saigon Exhibition and Convention Center.

I look forward to our reunion.