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Cambridge Salutes 41 Associates for Careers Spanning Five to 40 Years

Cambridge Salutes 41 Associates for Careers Spanning Five to 40 Years

One can read the whole story of a tree by the rings in the trunk ...

all the years, the scars and struggles, the happiness and the prosperity.

These rings build strength and endure it to continue.


Honoring 41 associates whose careers have spanned up to 40-years, the 2017 recognition banquet capped a week of activities celebrating Cambridge employees and their many milestones, memories and legacies. The event was attended by more than 300 employees and guests and also marked the company's most successful year in its 106-year history.

“We are proud to honor this talented and committed team tonight,” said Tracy Tyler, Cambridge President and CEO. “Our company thrives thanks to the ingenuity and experience of our associates and their enthusiasm for creating world-class products and services for our customers. This year was even more special as we transformed our traditional service awards into a company-wide celebration of every team member.”

The award recipients – recognized for 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30 and 40 year anniversaries – had more than 800 combined years of service. More than half have been with the company at least 20 years.

“There are few things more valuable than time and talent; each of you has given generously of both to make Cambridge the world leader in conveyor belt and architectural mesh,” said Tyler. “Because of you, 2016 was our most successful in our 106-year history.”

The seven honorees who reached their 40-year milestone include six Dorchester county residents and one former resident now working in the company’s Brownsville, Texas plant. All seven began their careers in 1976 working as welders and fabricators. They are: Billy Cannon (Cambridge); David Eskridge (Hurlock); Kent Elzey (Cambridge); Pops Cannon (Cambridge); Ricky Mooney (Cambridge); Wayne Travers (Brownsville, TX); and Mark Tyler (East New Market).

When these seven men began working for the company in 1976, the U.S. elected Jimmy Carter, a peanut farmer from Georgia as its 39th President, Dorothy Hamill won the women’s gold medal in the winter Olympics and Jack Nicholson’s “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest” won the Best Picture Oscar. The seven have remained through the company’s growth including the 1998 merger of Cambridge Wire Cloth and Maryland Wire Belts and the 2016 acquisition by the Rexnord Corporation.

“The 2016 celebration was one of the biggest and best employee recognition events in our company’s history,” said Ashley Church, Human Resources Manager. “Since last year was Cambridge’s most successful and marked our entry into the Rexnord family, we wanted to bring our entire team together to celebrate our anniversary awardees and salute the role each person plays in our continued success.”


40 Years - Hired in 1976

Left to right: Mark Tyler, David Eskridge, Ricky Mooney, Kent Elzey, Billy Cannon and Ricky “Pops” Cannon. Missing (but equally appreciated!) is Wayne Travers. 

30 Years - Hired in 1986

Tracy, Barry McInturff, Charles Gabbin and Tom.

25 Years - Hired in 1981

Tracy, Alan Wright, Tessie Hernandez and Tom Ross.

20 Years - Hired in 1996

Tracy, Augie Keene, Bob Maine, Bruce Gootee, Antonio Sanchez and Tom. Not pictured: Adrian Cisneros, Charlie Coffman, Eric Lewis, Paul Era, Steve Doran, Teresa Dayman, Willie Lewis, Freddie Ortiz.

15 Years - Hired in 2001

Cortez Molock (left) and Charlie Hennigar (between Tracy and Tom). Not pictured: David Peskett.

10 Years - Hired in 2006

5 Years - Hired in 2011

Left to right: Tracy, Jimmy Whitby, Pam Toth, Frank Barcus, Tom Ross. Not Pictured: Marcia Patchett, Tom Perdue, Corey Foxwell, Mike Sampson.

As service awardees checked in, they planted their thumbprint on a tree and received a corsage distinguishing their 2016 anniversary milestone. Shown left to right: Anna Culler, Ulandia Potter and Stephanie Smith.

2016 Service Award Recipients

40 Years:        Billy Cannon (Cambridge); David Eskridge (Hurlock); Kent Elzey (Cambridge); Pops Cannon (Cambridge); Ricky Mooney (Cambridge); Wayne Travers (Brownsville, TX); and Mark Tyler (East New Market).

30 Years:        Barry McInturff (Ocean City) and Charles Gabbin (Cambridge).

25 Years:        Alan Wright (Cambridge) and Tessie Hernandez (Cambridge).

20 Years:        Adrian Cisneros (Brownsville, TX); Antonio Sanchez (Brownsville, TX); Augie Keene (Cambridge); Bob Maine (Salisbury); Bruce Gootee (East New Market); Charlie Coffman (Woolford); Eric Lewis (Secretary); Paul Era (Secretary); Steve Doran (Rhodesdale); Teresa Dayman (Denton); Willie Lewis (Cambridge) and Freddie Ortiz (Vienna).

15 Years:        Charlie Hennigar (Cambridge); Cortez Molock (Cambridge); David Peskett (Salisbury)

10 Years:          Billy Hubbard (Linkwood); Bob West (Madison); Brian Satterfield (Mardela Springs); Brownie Warfield (Cambridge); Cathy Warfield (Cambridge); Freddie Smith (Cambridge); Jerome Travers Jr. (Cambridge); and, Mike Truitt (East New Market).

5 Years:          Corey Foxwell (Vienna); Frank Barcus (Cambridge); Marcia Patchett (Hurlock); Jimmy Whitby (Preston); Mike Sampson (Hurlock); Pam Toth (Cambridge); and Tom Perdue (Salisbury).


Architectural mesh team members (left to right) Trent Slacum, Skip Coleman and Eric Coady.

Tracy applauds some of 2016's MVPs. Shown left to right: Cathy Warfield, Augie Keen, Elsie Insley and  

                       The evening's celebration was coordinated by a team led by Human Resource Manager Ashley Church (center) shown here with engineer Tom Busch and Stephanie Smith.

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