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Cambridge Exhibiting at Craft Beer Expo

Cambridge Exhibiting at Craft Beer Expo

By: Eva Winther, Filtration Sales

Walk down the aisle of your local spirits store, and it’s easy to see the meteoric rise of the craft beer industry. The proliferation of brands and shelf space are a testament to the 'craft beer' culture and America's growing demand for high quality, expertly crafted beer. Unfortunately, most U.S. brew masters are turning to foreign manufacturers to replace or repair their filtration screens.

While Cambridge has served the beer industry for almost 100 years, April marks the first time we’ve exhibited at BrewExpo America, the country’s largest craft beer industry gathering. Along with my colleagues Spencer LeBaron, Lee Newcomb and Barry McInturff, we'll be at the Washington Convention Center April 10-13 to showcase our craft beer filtration solutions.

As Cambridge’s filtration market expert, I know that more than half of American breweries use European-made systems such as Velo, Spadoni, Padovan or Della Toffola. But most are unaware they can replace or repair their filters here in the U.S.

As craft breweries expand in number and barrel output, their production and sales take a hit when filter leaves wear and tear. Overseas OEMs are costly and time consuming.

Cambridge has long manufactured new and rescreened filters to match every type of system. Our customers range from beer industry powerhouses like Anheuser-Busch InBev and MillerCoors to established regional brewers like Dog Fish Head, Fordham and Sam Adams.

And, we’re located on Maryland’s eastern shore, near major transportation and freight hubs. We can quickly rescreen or manufacture new filters from premium stainless steel custom matched to a breweries frames or plates. Our exceptional quality control and fast turnaround guarantee to keep your beer flowing. We even match nozzles and coupling components.

Like the prized beers from more than 5,000 (and growing!) breweries - our filters are proudly made in the U.S. from only the finest materials by talented craftsmen.

Stop by our booth at BrewExpo America to learn how we can help your brewery. You can also visit us online or contact me directly. Let's raise a pint to President Thomas Jefferson who once said, "Beer, if drunk in moderation, softens the temper, cheers the spirt and promotes health." Cheers!